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Press & Media Accolades

Reviews for "Tempus"

Chuck Eddy, Harp Magazine - Sep/Oct 2006
"This 17-year-old Long Island guitar gal thrice comes close to climbing the pomp heights of ’70s...rock [with] “Tempus” (Yes-like ornateness), “Hunger to Know” (heavy enough to justify its eight-minute length), and “End of Yesterday” (...placid enough to make Espers jealous.)"
(full review)

Pete Pardo, Sea of Tranquility - Sep 2006
"Rarely do you come across an album that is so brimming with sincerity, so honest, and so heartwarming, as [Nell] has put together here." (full review)

Christian Rode, Babyblaue Seiten - December 2006
"Ein außerordentlich vielversprechendes Debut, das ich jedem Proggie."
(full review - in German)

Other Mentions

Jeff Archer Black, Buzzcat Weekly: "An extremely talented young lady spinning some amazing song structures. [Song] 'Hunger To Know'....is simply astounding. Nell is doing what no one of her age and gender has ever tried, and she knocks it out of the park with 'Tempus'."

Mark Stephens, ProgPositivity: "Surprisingly mature debut CD from prodigy Nell James...Yes and GG influences intermingled with a folk-tinged, personal singer-songwriter sensibility."

Paul Ford, ftrain.com: "You want to listen to [Nell's] cover of South Side of the Sky...It's a relief to know she's out there because now none of us have to pretend to be cool any more, as basically this person is much, much more awesome than anyone currently alive."

Jim Coudal, coudal.com: "[Nell's cover of South Side of the Sky is] song of the year. Wow."

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