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"Hunger to Know"
By Nell James

All through the ages past
Weíve hungered to know
The powers that we can grasp
Led us from long ago

Together we march to the sun
As we trek the roads of the sky
The secrets of all thatís around
Will change how we get by, how we get by

The searching is in your soul
Itís in your blood
Rearranging to meet your goal
Will it turn you to mud?

Together we march to the sun
As we seek our cups to be filled
The quantity that we destroy
Will it equal all we rebuild, all we rebuild

Sister, my brother, parents and friends
Is this the answer or the end
Are they one in the same
Words that youíre speaking, Iíve heard before
Many people walked through that door
The rules of nature we bend, oh is this a game of pretend
Weíll carry on to the end

© 2006 Nell James