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"End of Yesterday"
By Nell James

Absolute which bears our root
Will follow to the end
The yes of all thatís coming
Is the no of all thatís been

Moving forward like a sword
Plunging through the years
The morning dew is frozen
Never wet with tears

If youíre here or if youíre there
No matter where you stand
The speed of one pound falling
Is the same if feathers or sand

Cancel out that world of doubt
As fortunes wind their way
The start of whatís tomorrow
Is the end of yesterday

Window panes and painted frames
Around these doors, below ceilings, above floors
Countless hours, endless days
Have come to none now all is said and done

In my heart this is a part
Of all Iíll ever know
But must live for tomorrow
Itís the only way I can go

© 2006 Nell James