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"Cast Away"
By Nell James

Cast away, oh cast away
Along the rocky coast
What will you miss the most
Now that youíre never going home

Fill the space, oh fill the space
With thoughts and revelations
As you claim your lifeís station
Now that youíll always be alone

Solitude is eternal
The company of your mind
The endless days of searching
And living with what you find
It sounds such a tragic place to be
But it has a certain beauty
The cavernous space inside
This world which we reside

Blowing through, oh blowing through
The wind, it scatters all
Brown leaves in the fall
And the murmur of our past

Flickering, oh flickering
A star wavers in the dark
Itís a brief but beautiful mark
Itís the heart that you know best

Itís not to get you down
Chin up, feel proud
Youíre a member of the human race
It may not be glamorous, but it is your place
This is your face, so take it with grace

All those feelings that confuse
And all the love that you lose
Itís a part of this human race
It may not be easy, but it is your fate
This is your state, so donít be late

© 2006 Nell James